Water: A Peace Corps Story

I often think about if my life right now were made into a TV show.  Not because I am so self-indulgent that I think I deserve one, but simply because I worked for a TV show before coming here…and I watch a lot of TV shows in my down time (guilty pleasure)…and I really like ‘The Truman Show.’  Anyway, when I do think about my TV show, I realize it would have waay too much to do with water.

Most of my time is spent either bringing water from one place to another, transferring it from one container to the next, using it, drinking it, sweating it, and repeating. 

To explain, I get my water from a cistern/well that collects rain water that runs off the school through a system of pipes– problem is that the cistern is at the BOTTOM of the hill, and I am at the TOP. To make matters more difficult, the road up is all sand.  This hill is going to be the death of me…or it is going to give me legs, abs, and a back of steel (I am hoping for the latter). 

(This is not to complain, other PCVs have it worse: I talked to someone who had to wait 3 hours for water at the pump and then walk it home.)

It is amazing how important water is to our lives.  You realize this when you are forcefully conscious of how much water you use.  I use about 16-20 liters a day.  4 liters for baths (one day, one night), 8 for drinking, 2 for cooking, and 4-6 for cleaning.  The water I use to wash clothes isn’t counted because I use a separate, dirtier cistern and I do that at the bottom of the hill.

Never have I been so worried/obsessed with water.  Until a few days ago, the cistern was getting pretty low and I was beginning to get worried…like seriously worried.  But, luckily, “rainy season” lived up to its name and we finally got a bunch of rain.  The cistern is now full just in time for all the teachers to get back and use it all…starting my worry all over again.

That said, there would be interesting parts of this TV show; including transportation, embarrassing foreigner moments, the many wonders of Mozambique, and much more that I will get into in this blog.  I’ll leave it at this for now.

Happy New Year to all, may it be full of happiness, adventure, and successes.

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2 thoughts on “Water: A Peace Corps Story

    • I agree with Cynthia! : )

      I about squealed with delight when you said “The Truman Show” because it is ranked in my list of favorite movies! So neat to hear about your experiences and I’m looking forward to hearing about your upcoming teaching experiences…

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