Yup! I’m back to blogging…since the world is supposed to end after today, I guess that it seems fit I at least throw something out there on the interwebs :-p

On a more serious note, I will catch you up a bit.  I am officially a Peace Corps Volunteer and at my site: Chidenguele, Gaza Province, Mozambique. I now call Africa my home, crazy, I know.
I am sorry to not have written during training, but it seems pretty insignificant compared to getting to site.  I can sum it up as the second coming of study abroad, except the days were more structured and I learned more.  ‘Twas complete with host families, language struggles, long classroom hours, drama, cerveja intake, and good times.  It was sad to leave site and my new PCV family, but that’s not what we came here for.

I can say, though, that after two months I am very pleased and surprised with my level of Portuguese — too bad people speak the local bantu language (Txopi) most of the time at my site.

My site is absolutely gorgeous: hilly, green, sandy, palm trees, [insert more synonyms for gorgeous], lake 4km away, beach 15km.  It is on the main highway, but it has a small town feel.  I have easy access to the north and south and have a great site for bolea-ing (hitchhiking to avoid taking the slow, hot, crowded public transportation called chapas aka the bane of my existence).  I am currently 3 for 4 on rides out of my site of the bolea sort rather than the chapa sort.  More on my site in another post.

Side note: You will have to excuse my use of Portuguese words in my blog…see it more as an interactive learning experience.  Truth is, I am forgetting English.. I rarely get to speak proper English and when I do, it is with fellow PCV’s who understand the Portuguese I throw out when i can’t think of the English word.

I promise my next post won’t demorar as much :-p Love and miss you all (you know who you are). 

Oh, and Happy Holidays?? It doesn’t feel like Christmas time when its 90+ degrees out, but I guess Santa can come to hot places too…

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